Catalog Selection


General Information

In the right-hand area of the portal screen you will find a box with the heading “Catalogs and Databases.” Here you can select the catalogs which should be included in your query.

The standard setting for queries in the Mainz Catalog Portal includes the following catalogs in Mainz and Wiesbaden:

  • UB Mainz
  • City Library of Mainz
  • Mainz Public Library - Anna Seghers
  • Roman-Germanic Central Museum Mainz
  • Institute for European History Mainz
  • Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz
  • FH Mainz
  • Mainz Department 06 (Germersheim)
  • HLB Wiesbaden
  • FH Wiesbaden

With the option “Advanced Search” you can choose additional or different catalogs. Make your selection by checking the appropriate boxes.

By clicking on the symbol before the name of each catalog, you can find out further information about the contents of each catalog.

Changing Preset Options

With the pull-down menu to the right of the words “Presetting,” you can change the catalog selection from the standard setting “Local catalogs Mainz/Wiesbaden” to “Specialized catalogs” or “Search Region.”

Pay particular attention to the selection profiles for articles, online publications, and journals listed under the heading “Specialized catalogs.” This allows you to select particular research resources for your search.

Catalog Preference Profile / Saving Your Individual Selection

Once you have signed in (see “Login”) you can set up an individual catalog preference profile and save it under any name. This is particularly helpful if you regularly do research in the same catalogs. This profile is linked to your username and thus accessible once you have signed in as a registered user. Enter a name for your profile in the lower right-hand area after the heading “Save selection.” Up to four settings can be saved.

Your personal profile will then appear in the upper-right-hand corner in the pull-down menu under the heading “my selection(s).” This will allow you to have handy and fast access to the catalogs you need.

Subscription Databases

In addition to the catalogs, you will also find three proprietary database services. These are particularly helpful when searching for journal articles:

  • Periodicals Index Online (article database)
  • Periodicals Archive Online (article database)
  • Elsevier Journal Backfiles 1936 - 1994

Along with the Article Catalog of the HeBIS library information system, these services offer a powerful instrument for locating journal articles.

Both these databases and the HeBIS Article Catalog are licensed services. That means that the Mainz University Library has paid for subscriptions allowing you to have access.

For this reason, searches in these resources have particular requirements:

  • You must be using the Mainz Catalog Portal via a computer located on the premises of the University in Mainz.
  • You must be logged in in the Mainz Catalog Portal as a patron of the University Library.

For further information, please see the following texts:

PIO – Periodicals Index Online

PAO – Periodicals Abstracts Online

HeBIS Article Catalog (licensed access)