Benefits of Using the Clipboard Function

The clipboard allows you to collect relevant results from the general results list and from individual search result item displays as though you were using a “grocery cart” or “basket.” You can store titles for later use, delete them at any time, and even reconfigure the bibliographic organization of the collected results. You can print, save, and email the results in various file formats.

Setting Up a Clipboard

You will find the “clipboard” option in both the general results list and in the individual search result item displays. With this option you can add individual bibliographic items to your clipboard.

Individual search result item display:

Once a title has been added to your clipboard, the button will appear.

You can also use this button to remove a title from your clipboard.

Managing Titles on Your Clipboard

Once you have set up a clipboard (simply by adding titles as described above), you can access your clipboard by selecting the “clipboard” option in the central research window of the Mainz Catalog Portal:

With the clipboard function you can specify the desired file format (HTML, XML, TEXT, EndNote, CSV, BIBTEX) in which the title data are to be reformatted. You can also enter an email address to which results in the specified format should be sent.

These options allow you to remove selected individual results from your clipboard or even delete your entire clipboard list.

If you are a non-registered user, your clipboard will only be saved for the length of your current “session” in the Mainz Catalog Portal.

As a registered user you can log in and log out and keep information in your personal clipboard between sessions (see also “Login”).

This way you can gradually develop your collection of relevant titles and then request individual titles as you need them.