Finding Journals

The Mainz Catalog Portal is outfitted with an additional search option specifically designed to make finding journals easier:

You can limit the catalog selection to catalogs which exclusively document journals.

In this case the Mainz Catalog Portal will search in the

  • ZDB (Ger. Zeitschriftendatenbank, i.e., database of journals printed on paper) and the
  • EZB (Ger. Elektronische Zeitschriften-Bibliothek, i.e., the electronic journals library) which collects full-text scholarly journals which are accessible online.

In the upper right-hand corner of this menu you can preset “Journals.” This presetting will limit your search to the ZDB and the EZB.

Furthermore, you can also simply limit your search (in any given collection of catalogs) according to the publication type (e.g. just journals). To limit your search to one type of material, to journals, for instance, please use the advanced search menu and select therein the option “Journals.”

Requesting Journals

Requesting journals works somewhat differently than ordering books.

For example: You want to search for the journal Harvard Business Review:

Click on the “Request” button. Subsequently you will be asked to enter the respective year of publication or volume number. Entering the issue number will be optional.

Please enter at least the year of publication or the volume number, so that the requested journal can be requested.

Online Journals

A growing number of journals are available online in digital format. They can either be accessed by all Internet users, or they can be accessed through a subscription which restricts their accessibility to a specific group of users.

For example: You want to search for the online edition of the “Cinema Journal.”

This is an online journal (as the symbol for the type of material indicates), and instead of the “Request” button, the “Full Text” button will be displayed.

When you click on the “Full Text” button, you will receive access information for this journal.

If the Mainz university library is a current subscriber, clicking the “Full Text” button will provide access to the journal.

Articles in Journals

In addition to locating journals, you can also search for specific journal articles in the Mainz Catalog Portal.

The Mainz Catalog Portal offers the following catalogs, each of which provides specific functions and features:

  • HeBIS Articles Catalogue (free access)
  • HeBIS Articles Catalogue (licensed access only)
  • PIO – Periodicals Index Online
  • PAO – Periodicals Archive Online
  • Elsevier Journal Backfiles 1936 - 1994

You can also select the presetting in the “Catalogs and Databases” section in order to focus on these special catalogs for journals, as seen in the following example.

Example for a Search
You want to find the essay “Excitonic wave packet dynamics in semiconductor photonic-crystal structures” by Pasenow, Reichelt, et al.

The menu options offer further service options when searching for journal articles.

Menu Options

“Request” Button

After you have clicked the “Request” button, the system will automatically check whether the journal and the volume in which the article you are interested in appeared is available in the Mainz university library. If this is the case, then you can request the journal (see the above section on “Journals”).

Button “via EZB (=electronic journals library)” and Full-Text Buttons

Furthermore, the Mainz Catalog Portal can check whether an online version of the article is available.
For this option, please select the menu option “via EZB.” The Mainz Catalog Portal will now search through the electronic journals library whether an online version of the periodical exists and whether you have the right to access it through the Mainz university library. In our example you will see the following information:

From here you can access the full text of the article in order to read it, print it out, or download it.

Should the Mainz university library not have a subscription for online access to a specific journal, you will be informed about this with the applicable remarks.

The respective traffic-light color indicates whether the Mainz university library has subscribed to online access to a specific journal. The following options are possible:

The full text of this journal is generally accessible.
This journal requires a subscription. Your library has subscribed to online access.
This journal requires a subscription. Your library has not subscribed to online access.
This journal requires a subscription. Your library has subscribed to online access for a limited number of volumes.
This symbol is displayed whenever the EZB cannot find any full text option for the requested article.

“More Options” Button

The “More Options” button opens up a new pull-down menu:

By clicking on “ToC” you will gain access to the table of contents of the selected journal issue. Clicking on “Journal” will result in displaying the bibliographic description of the journal in which the article has appeared.