Multipart Works


Your list of results may include series and multivolume works. Such works are so extensive that they consist of several parts or volumes.

The Cambridge medieval history
Vol. 1: The Christian Roman Empire and the foundation of the Teutonic Kingdoms
Vol. 2: The rise of the Saracens and the foundation of the Western Empire
Vol. 3: Germany and the Western Empire
Vol. 4: . . .

In order to see a list of all volumes, you can click on the “Volume” button.

Requesting Multipart Works

Example: you are looking for the available volumes of the “Virago modern classics” series.

When you search for “Virago modern classics,” the Mainz Catalog Portal will show you the entry of the multipart series. The symbol for this publication format indicates that this is a series or a multivolume work. One cannot order such a series or multivolume work as a whole!

Click on the “Volume” button in order to be shown the individual volumes:

The Mainz Catalog Portal will now show you the available volumes from this series:

You can use the usual “Request” procedure for individual volumes (also see the section on “Requesting Materials”).

From the pull-down menu “More Options,” which is displayed below every volume, you may select the “Series” button with which you can return to the general entry for the series or multivolume work.

By clicking the “Results List” button in the top line of menu options, you will again see the entire list of results of your search.

Nota Bene:
A list of volumes of multivolume publications can only be displayed in the HeBIS catalogs. Should you want to look at or request individual volumes from other catalogs, please ask for assistance in your library or send an email to the Mainz University Library.