Patron Information

What Does “Patron Information” Entail?

The “Patron Information” section of the Mainz Catalog Portal offers you an additional service area. From this area you can monitor both your internal and interlibrary-loan borrowing information for the Mainz University Library without having to log on to another system.

Accessing Patron Information

In the upper third of the search screen you can find the option “Patron Information.”

Here you will find the following options:

Your data in the online catalog of your local library

From the Mainz Catalog Portal you can easily transfer into your patron account of our online catalog where you can view your borrowing information. Enter the password here that you use when checking out books in the Mainz University Library. By doing so, you will be rerouted into the patron data management system. Thereafter you will be able, as usual, to use all the functions of your library (such as renewal).

Your data in the interlibrary-loan system

You can access your interlibrary-loan borrowing information in the same manner: just enter your password for the online catalog (see above), and the system will reroute you into the HeBIS library information system.

Your data in the Catalog Portal Mainz

Here you will only find the information which is needed for working in the Catalog Portal Mainz. Should you need to do so, you can change your email address here (for instance for sending emails from your clipboard).


With the “Search” button you will simply be sent back into the Mainz Catalog Portal where you can then continue your search work.