Profile Service

Setting Up a Profile service

Once you have logged on (see “Login”), you can set up any search as a so-called Profile service. This means that you will be notified by email as soon as new entries are added to any one of the catalogs included in your search. You can also specify how often a catalog or database should be checked and how long a particular Profile service search should be conducted. This service is free of charge.

Once you have carried out a search, you will see the option “Set up request as a profile service” on the left-hand part of the screen.
Click on this link and then just follow the directions.
Choose a memorable name for each individual Profile service search; make a decision about the frequency with which the selected catalogs should be searched (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly); and specify a length of time for the monitoring search (e.g. ten days, three months, one year). Your Profile service system will be set up once you have received a confirmation email and then also confirmed the receipt of this email.

Changing the Settings in or Deleting Your Profile service

Log on and select “Profile service” from the horizontal menu options.

With this menu you can alter or delete the settings for your Profile service system.

N.B.: Your Profile service can be set to monitor a maximum of five different searches.