Why Login?

Logging in as a user in the Mainz Catalog Portal allows you to use the system’s advanced functions:

These functions allow you to develop the style of using the Mainz Catalog Portal which is best suited to your personal research needs. Each time you log in you will have access to your personal settings and search criteria.

Of course you certainly can use the Mainz Catalog Portal without logging in. Many of the advanced functions just described can also be used when working in the system as a “guest,” with the exception of requesting books from closed stacks and interlibrary-loan requests. Clipboard information, catalog preferences, and search terms will, however, only be saved for the length of your work at a terminal.

Login Process

Click on the button “Login” found in the horizontal menu of the research interface.

The registration window contains two parts:

In the lower-right-hand corner of the login screen you will find two boxes: the first one is for library card number; the second one is for your password for the Mainz University library online catalog. This password is identical with the password you use for your Mainz University library patron account.

Once you have logged on, all the advanced function of the Mainz Catalog Portal are available to you.

Who Can Login?

All patrons and employees of the Mainz University Library may log in in the Mainz Catalog Portal.

If you do not yet have a university library card, please contact the university library (German: “Universitätsbibliothek” or just “UB”) of the Johannes Gutenberg University.

Are you off site?
If your workplace is not on campus, you can still use the Mainz Catalog Portal, but without logging in you cannot use the advanced search options. In other words, you can look up information but you cannot request titles from the closed stacks or via interlibrary loan. And clipboard information, catalog selection preferences, and search history can only be saved for the length of one session.

Signing Out

Once you have finished searching, you should sign out by clicking on the button entitled “End Session,” which you will find in the search screen in the upper-left-hand corner.