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Universitätsbibliothek Mainz

Not to Keep. But to Borrow.

We provide a large selection of printed and digital books, magazines, and other media. For research on-site or to borrow.

Library Card—Also as an App

Hand mit Smartphone
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To borrow books, you need a library card. As an app, you always have it at hand on your smartphone.

How to get your library card

Borrow or Read On-site

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We provide a large selection of more than 3.5 million media units, most of which can also be borrowed. All other media can be used inside our libraries.

How it’s done

Renew and Reserve

Kalendereintrag Do it know
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Everything has to come to an end. And sometimes, someone else got there first.

No drama—take action!

Returns and Fees

Gläsernes Sparschwein mit Münzen
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You have several options for returning your books. Preferably on time, of course. ;-)

Bring it back