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Research Tips

Looking For Literature?

The easiest way to search for literature is to use the search bar (“I’m looking for …”) on our homepage. (On sites where the search bar is hidden, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page.) The search terms you enter will be forwarded to our Research Portal. There you will find all of Mainz University Library’s electronic and printed media in the “Library Catalog”.

When clicking on a title, you will see all the information you need to find the book or magazine on the shelf in the blue area at the bottom. More details can be found in the FAQ under “Where are the books or magazines located?”.

Under “More Literature” you can access online articles and literature references from databases. (Literature that is not accessible via the university is also displayed.)

There is an advanced search option for both the “Library Catalog” and “More Literature”, which allows you to search in a more selective way. More information can be found in the Research Portal’s help section.

Any newly arrived literature is arranged by subject for you.

Tip: Take advantage of our courses and consultation hours!

Want to Go In-depth With Your Research?

Databases are particularly important for specialist research. The Database Information System (DBIS) offers a wide range of databases–conveniently arranged by subject. 

Library holdings from all over the world as well as online documents can be researched in the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (Karlsruhe Virtueller Katalog, KVK ).

Freely accessible electronic full texts can also be found in academic search engines such as BASE.

An overview of information resources and search tools for different subject areas can be found on our Subject Information pages.

Our list of the most important catalogs will help you keep track.

Haven’t Found What You Were Looking For?

Order the literature via Interlibrary Loan then—it will be delivered from another library.

Courses and Consultation Services

Whether online or on site: Make use of our courses, self-study programs, and consultation hours on topics such as effective research, correct citation, reference management, and academic working.

Do you need further support with literature research?

We are happy to help you at our locations.

Mainz Campus:


Germersheim Campus:

Ina Kießling, Eva Schiegg
Ina Kießling, Eva Schiegg

University Medical Center:

Information, Ausleihe, Erwerbung
Information, Ausleihe, Erwerbung