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Universitätsbibliothek Mainz

Gutenberg Biographics

You have always wanted to know who Professor Hans Buchheim’s predecessor was or how many Mainz professors were elected cardinals? And you only know Fritz Straßmann from the way to the canteen?

At Gutenberg Biographics, students and researchers can find answers to questions about professors at Mainz University.

Exciting and Citable

Infografik zu Gutenberg Biographics
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Gutenberg Biographics, the professors’ catalog of Mainz, is the digital installment to printed Scholar Directories. It lists all professors of Johannes Gutenberg University and the old Mainz University. It also offers basic and citable information on academic biographies, including CVs, as well as exciting details on the life and research activity of the individual person. In addition, other internet sources are referenced.

At present, all rectors and deans up to 1973 as well as over 700 other professors can already be found.

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Our infographic was part of the poster exhibition of the “Historikertag” (Historians’ Day) in Münster, September 2018.