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Universitätsbibliothek Mainz

Who We Are

Mainz University Library is committed to the goals of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU). In our work, we focus on the members of JGU, regardless of their status or function.

We are a professional and innovative service facility that also provides services beyond the core area of library services and that systematically adapts its services and processes to changing framework conditions, requirements, and needs. Functioning as JGU’s central information service provider, we provide the university’s researchers, teaching staff, and students with literature and information as needed. We provide them with places to work, to learn, and to communicate and we support JGU’s facilities and purposes by providing infrastructure, competence, and consulting for the creation and design of audiovisual media. In our holdings and collections, we preserve the university’s cultural memory and we create an important focal point of university identity.

We are committed to the idea of open science and we support the development towards Open Access and Open Data. In particular, we promote the shift towards open publishing, the transparency and reusability of research data, and the visibility and traceability of research results. We guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the digital data and publications archived by us as well as their permanent preservation and long-term readability.

We support research and teaching at JGU. We cooperate in scientific projects and we work closely together with the University’s Faculties, Schools, Central Institutions and Facilities, and administration. We are integrated into the national and international library network and we cooperate with other science-supporting institutions.

We are committed to a liberal, diverse, and tolerant society. When it comes to designing our organizational culture, cooperating in a constructive, appreciative, trusting, and pragmatic way is important to us. We strive for the greatest possible compatibility of family and career and we offer flexible working conditions and inclusive forms of employment. We promote continual further education and training as well as ongoing professional exchange.