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Universitätsbibliothek Mainz

Submitting Printed and Electronic Doctoral Dissertations

To ensure a quick and smooth process, we have summarized the most important information for you.

Have two copies of your dissertation printed, including

  • One copy in metal-free hardcover binding and
  • One copy in softcover binding.

Electronic Version

  • You may prepare abstracts in German and/or in English if you wish.
  • Please note the data protection regulations of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

    Decide in advance whether the names of people involved shall be mentioned. If so, obtain a written declaration of consent from all people involved (supervisors, other people involved) to include their name. It is not necessary to obtain permission from the dean to include their name. By signing the “Data Protection” section on the Deposit License, you declare in advance that the relevant consents have been obtained. The form for granting rights (deposit license) can be found in advance in this PDF file or it will be sent to you automatically by email after you uploaded the dissertation.

    Alternatively, please remove the names in the electronic version. This applies in particular to:
    • The acknowledgement
    • The names of supervisors
  • Decide whether you want to make the CV freely available in the electronic version (optional).
  • Important: the electronic version must otherwise be identical to the print version (page count, title page, illustrations, bibliography, tables, etc.).
  • Create a PDF file. Important: do not activate copy or password protection.
  • A JGU account (university account) is essential to upload the dissertation to the university’s publication server and should be obtained in advance from the Data Center (ZDV).
  • Upload the electronic version to Gutenberg Open Science
  • There, click the link Publish > My Open Science.
  • Log in with your JGU account.
  • Click on the Start a New Submission button and select the collection Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz > JGU Publications.
  • On the following pages, you can describe and upload your publication step by step.
  • After the publishing process is complete, you will receive an email with the license agreement.
  • Please obtain written consent from all people involved (supervisors, other people involved) for attribution. Alternatively, you can delete the names before uploading. It is not necessary to obtain permission from the dean to include their name.
  • Send the signed deposit license to or bring it with you, printed out and signed, when submitting the copies. 
  • Please enter your current email address. Check your mailbox regularly until the end of the process so that you can respond quickly to queries.
  • Please be aware that you will need to rework the electronic version (e.g. if pages are not identical).
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Checklists for marking off the required steps can be found on the following pages:

The printed copies can be delivered either by post or in person during service hours at the University Medical Library or via the yellow box at the entrance to the Georg Forster Building Library.  

Mailing address:

Universitätsbibliothek Mainz


Jakob-Welder-Weg 6  

55128 Mainz 

Please note that we cannot issue a receipt. A confirmation note will be sent directly to the faculty. 

Any questions? We have created an overview for you: