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Articles from Medical Journals

You need an article from a medical journal that is not available through us? No problem: our University Medical Library is one of eighteen German medical libraries that offer an internal loan service among them.

An Alternative to Interlibrary Loan

This service is only available to members of the University Medical Center . You are not a member? Then simply use our interlibrary loan.

The key points:

  • The service is free!

    If the article is not available from one of the participating libraries, we will of course contact you before placing a fee-based order.
  • Delivery within two to seven working days
  • Delivery by internal mail or collection at the University Medical Library

    In case of articles, we are only allowed to provide photocopies.

Order Online

Angaben zum Artikel

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Bei erster Bestellung bitte Bibliotheksausweisnummer und/oder Hauspostadresse angeben. Vielen Dank!


The staff of the University Medical Library will be happy to assist you:

Information, Ausleihe, Erwerbung
Information, Ausleihe, Erwerbung