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Drafting and publishing a research paper

Karger Publishers offers to our JGU Students these Campus Courses: a collection of courses that help to simplify the drafting and publishing of a research paper. These 10 courses, created and reviewed by experts in each topic and delivered through an engaging format, guide young researchers through the entire process, helping achieve publication success and maximize impact for their research.

  1. How to Conduct Ethically Sound Research
  2. How to Avoid Your Paper Being Rejected
  3. How to Write a Compelling Case Report
  4. How to Write a Clinical Research Paper
  5. How To Review a Clinical Research Paper
  6. How to Choose a Target Journal ( Ende Januar)
  7. How to Review a Systematic Review Paper (bis Ende 1. Quartal 2022)
  8. How to Write a Systematic Review Paper (bis Ende 1. Quartal 2022)
  9. How to Decide on Preprints and an Open Access Licence (bis Ende 1. Quartal 2022)
  10. How to Get Your Paper Noticed Following Publication (bis Ende 1. Quartal 2022)

The course takes about 90-120 minutes.
There are several modules with a duration of 15-20 minutes each.
At the beginning of each module a video is played, then the exercises are done, followed by a quiz.

Registration: https://courses.karger.com/bundles/campus
Then Registration for Campus Courses is done through the university’s email domain (uni-mainz.de, students.uni-mainz.de, ub.uni-mainz.de. unimedizin-mainz.de). You should create an “MyKarger account” and then you will be able to access the courses. Although the price of the course is shown, you don't have to worry, it is free of charge for the JGU.

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Information, Ausleihe, Erwerbung