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Replacement of flooring on the 3rd floor of the Philosophicum


Over the coming weekends, the corridor floorings on the 3rd floor of the Philosophicum will be replaced one at a time. As a result, the floors may not be accessible at times. Please note the respective closures.


In the Humanities Library, the following library locations will be temporarily inaccessible:

  • Book Studies
  • Theatre Studies/Media Cultural Studies/Everyday Media
  • Classical Philology/Historical Cultural Studies
  • Ancient History
  • Byzantine Studies
  • Classical Archaeology

Only one corridor at a time is affected. If you encounter a closure but do not want to go to a library location on this corridor, please use the other staircases to avoid it.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Library Net


Would you like to read the current issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of the best known national daily newspapers in Germany? Or access articles from the archive?


We offer access for issues from 1994 up to today.


Use VPN or remote desktop for access outside the university's network.

New National Licenses for Eastern European History


For Eastern European History, we can provide new national licenses:


Warsaw Pact Journal Digital Archive
The Warsaw Pact Journal Digital Archive includes all 40 issues of the journal "Informatsionnyi sbornik ShOVS Varshavskogo Dogovora" published between 1970 and 1990. This was a secret Soviet-run military-theoretical journal with a thematic focus on coalition strategy and operations. The Warsaw Pact Journal was the only journal in which officers from all pact states actively contributed their analyses and contributions.


Slaviane Digital Archive
The Slaviane Digital Archive contains all issues of the monthly magazine Slaviane (1942 to 1958) in full text as well as in facsimile format. The anti-fascist Soviet propaganda magazine emerged during World War II as a platform for intellectuals and politicians from Slavic countries. After the war ended, the journal shifted its focus from fighting Nazism to reporting on life and culture in the Soviet Union.


Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia Digital Archive
Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia (La Russie Illustrée, Illustrated Russia) was a literary and illustrated weekly magazine published in Paris from 1924 to 1939. The magazine was aimed in particular at the growing community of Russian émigrés who had left Russia in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution. It provides an indispensable insight into Russian cultural life in exile.

NEU: Literary Studies and Linguistics Database Portals


The portals for Literary Studies and Linguistics allow you to make a general search of the respective fields via all the De Gruyter Publishing databases that have been licensed for you.


The following databases are included in the Literary Studies Portal:

  • Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon („Kosch“)
  • Deutsches Theater-Lexikon Online
  • Enzyklopädie des Märchens
  • Germanistik Online
  • Historisches Wörterbuch der Rhetorik
  • Verfasser-Datenbank („Killy“)

With the Linguistics Portal, you can also search alphabetically by People, Places, and Lemma.