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Universitätsbibliothek Mainz

Timeline of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

JGU has 75 years of eventful history to look back on. In the timeline below, we have put together important stages and milestones. The selection is, of course, subjective and by no means complete. We have selected events from various areas of the university throughout its history in order to bring everyday university experience to life. Curious about the history of JGU? For further reading, we recommend the Reports of the Rectors and the Presidents as well as the JOGU University Magazine.

2021-02  JGU receives permanent autonomous right to appoint professors
2020-10-07  The new Higher Education Act comes into force
2020-04-20 The summer semester 2020 starts with digital teaching
2020-03-24 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, JGU’s buildings are temporarily closed and the university enters into an emergency mode of operations
2020-01-01 The German Resilience Center is admitted to the Leibniz Association as LIR
2019-10  Official kick-off of the FORTHEM network in Valencia
2019-10-03  Mainz student Niklas Kaul wins gold in the decathlon at the World Championships in Athletics in Doha, the youngest winner in World Championship history
2019-07 JGU and the German-French Cultural Foundation establish a joint Center for French and Francophone Studies (ZFF)
2018-10-25 JGU receives the Genius Loci Prize for Excellent Teaching
2018-09 The PRISMA+ cluster of excellence is approved as part of the German government’s Excellence Strategy
2018-06-25 Inauguration of BioZentrum I
2018-03-20 Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits JGU
2018-03 The new high-performance computer MOGON II is inaugurated
2017-11-15 The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage declares the Natural Sciences Institute building, the “Muschel” building, and the Central University Restaurant building listed monuments
2017-09-23 Opening of the new Montessori children’s home “Sprösslinge” (“offspring”) on campus
2017-07 Medicopter Mainz17 takes off: Mainz students land a viral hit with a fan video for the “Medimeisterschaften”
2017-06-11 JGU enters the Guinness Book of Records with the world’s largest magnetic ball accelerator
2017-06-09 The cleaning campaign “CamPutz” takes place for the first time
2017-03-06 Inauguration of the Philosophicum II building
2017-03-01 Foundation of the Helmholtz Institute "HI-TRON
2017-02-09 Founding of the Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies
2017-02 With its 401st issue, “unipress” magazine ceases publication after 46 years
2016-12-22 JGU is awarded the title Hochschulperle (University Pearl) with the overall theme being “diversity”.
2016-12-11 The “Mainzelbahn” (tram line) stops on campus for the first time
2016-10-07 Prof. Dr. Franz Rothlauf is appointed Chief Information Officer of JGU
2016-09-27 JGU signs the charter “Familie in der Hochschule” (“Family Life and Academia”)
2016-08-23 The new particle accelerator LISE for the production of radioactive isotopes is put into operation in the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry
2016-06-30 After 70 years, the bookstore “Gutenberg-Buchhandlung” on campus closes. However, a replacement bookstore has already been found
2016-06-30 The new building for the Rudolf Frey Learning Clinic (RFLK) and for the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKS) is opened
2016-03-08 The Mainz scholarly directory “Gutenberg Biographics” is made available online
2015-12-11 The universities of Mainz, Frankfurt, and Darmstadt establish a strategic alliance of the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU)
2015-11-06 mainzed–the Mainz Center for Digitization in the Humanities and Cultural Sciences is founded
2015-10-01 The TRIGA nuclear reactor achieves a world record with 20,000 pulses in 50 years
2015-05-12 After six years of construction, a particle detector constructed in Mainz is sent to CERN in Geneva
2015-05-11 Opening of the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (mitp)
2015-04-16 The Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (Gutenberg-Nachwuchskolleg, GNK) is founded
2015-01 A broken door in the Philosophicum is covered with memes by students and triggers a national media response
2014-11-27 Inauguration of the “Schule des Sehens” (“School of Seeing”)
2014-11 In the winter semester 2014/15, the Culture Courses (Kulturkurse) of campus-mainz begin
2014-11-12 The Rosetta spacecraft lands the Philae lander on a comet–with an alpha X-ray spectrometer developed at Mainz University on board
2014-07-31 JGU and the University Medical Center establish the German Resilience Center
2014-07-17 In cooperation with V&R unipress, the publishing house “Mainz University Press” is founded
2014-01-13 Official inauguration of the Georg Forster Building by Minister-President Malu Dreyer
2013-10-09 Germany’s first Dementia Service Center is opened at the University Medical Center
2013-09-01 Dr. Waltraud Kreutz-Gers succeeds Götz Scholz as Chancellor of the Mainz University
2013-07-09 With the inauguration of the new building for Physical Chemistry, the building complex for chemistry is completed
2013-06-25 The Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems (IMM) is transferred to the Fraunhofer Society
2013-06-11 Inauguration of the new building for the Institute of Anthropology
2013-01-24 The University Medical Center takes on the medical care of the 1. FC Mainz 05
2012-11-05 The PRISMA cluster of excellence with a focus on particle and hadron physics begins its work
2012-10-12 JGU and fourteen other universities found the “German U 15” network
2012-09-01 The Small Subjects Desk (Arbeitsstelle Kleine Fächer) is established at JGU
2012-07-11 Opening of a joint Start-up Office (“Gründungsbüro”) of the University of Applied Sciences, the University, and the Mainz University Medical Center
2012-06 The new supercomputer MOGON is put into operation
2012-04-30 University and University of Applied Sciences found the Junior Campus Mainz (jCM)
2012-04-18 Launch of the online student portal
2012-01-31 As part of the Excellence Initiative, JGU presents its institutional strategy under the motto The Gutenberg Spirit: Moving Minds–Crossing Boundaries
2012-01 The Max Planck Institute for Chemistry moves into the new building in Hahn-Meitner-Weg
2012-01-01 The Institute of European History (IEG) becomes a member of the Leibniz Association
2011-10-20 First Dies legendi at JGU, hosted by the Gutenberg Teaching College (GLK)
2011-04-16 Federal President Christian Wulff visits JGU’s Children’s University
2011-03-10 Opening of the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB)
2011-03 JGU is the first university in Germany to receive the official accreditation seal. This will enable JGU to independently establish and accredit degree programs in the future.
2011-02-02 Opening of the Gutenberg Teaching College (GLK)
2011-01 Foundation of the Institute for Teacher Health (Institut für Lehrergesundheit, ifl)
2010-12-01 A parent-child room will be set up at JGU for students and busy parents
2010-11-19 With the new Higher Education Act, the School of Music and the School of Fine Arts become universities with partial autonomy within JGU
2010-07-15 Opening of the research facility “Forschungs-Verfügungsgebäude” on the grounds of the University Medical Center
2010-06-18 Opening of the Green School (“Grünen Schule”) in the Botanical Garden
2010-06-09 Education strike in Mainz and nationwide
2010-02-18 Foundation of the Institute of Translational Oncology (TRON) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ugur Sahin
2009-07-01  The new Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM) begins its work
2009-06-18 Nationwide student strikes against tuition fees
2009-05-15 Inauguration of the lecture hall building for Chemistry and Physics
2009-01-01 The University Hospital and Faculty 04–Medicine are merged to form the University Medical Center
2008-11-27 Inauguration of the new nuclear chemistry building
2008-11-24 Inauguration of the new School of Music building
2008-10-01 In the 2008/09 winter semester, JGU’s teacher training programs will be converted to Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programs
2008-09-03 Foundation of the Mainz Science Alliance
2008-09-01 Introduction of the integrated campus management system CampusNet, which was named “JOGU-StINe” in May 2008 as part of an ideas competition
2008-04-30 Opening of the Graduate School “Material Science in Mainz” (MAINZ)
2008-02 Opening of the Humanities Library
2007-08 The Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is opened
2007-07-05 The Gutenberg Research College (GRC) begins its work
2007-03-28 Inauguration of the new building for Conservative Medicine, with Minister-President Kurt Beck in attendance
2007-03-28 Handover of office by President Prof. Dr. Jörg Michaelis to his successor Prof. Dr. Georg Krausch
2006-12-19 Commissioning of the third accelerator stage of the Mainz Microtron (MAMI C)
2006-12-07 Student demonstration against tuition fees with scuffles between demonstrators and police
2006-11-08 The Students’ Parliament (StuPa) election is declared invalid by a judgment of the Administrative Court of Mainz
2006-07-20 Student demonstration against tuition fees
2006-04-19 Inauguration of Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch-Weg
2006-03-21 Inauguration of the palliative care unit in the clinic
2006-01-11 Demonstration of medical students against poor working conditions in German hospitals
2005-11-07 Inauguration of the renovated and converted Bürgerbrunnen (citizen’s fountain) on the Forum
2005-09-26 The new Student Service Center begins its work
2005-05-01 Demonstration of 120 students against tuition fees
2005-04-01 The twenty-six faculties, which have existed since 1973, are restructured into today’s ten faculties and the two Schools of Art and Music (at that time still combined in Faculty 11).
2005-03 Topping-out ceremony for the second roof turret at the Domus Universitatis
2005-01-26 Demonstration by students in front of the ministry after the Federal Constitutional Court ruling on tuition fees
2005-01 Foundation of the Center for Teacher Education
2004-12 Establishment of the Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation
2004-06 Student strike against the student accounts system
2004-04-17 Under the motto “On the trail of the perpetrator,” the first Children’s University takes place on campus
2004-03-18 Signing of a framework agreement between JGU and the University of Frankfurt to strengthen cooperation in research, teaching, and continuing education
2004-03-08 Inauguration of the building complex 101/102 of the university clinics (Ophthalmic clinic, Gynecological hospital, ENT clinic)
2004-01-30 The Senate adopts a new constitution for JGU
2004-01-21 Student protest action against the introduction of student accounts
2003-09-01 The new Higher Education Act comes into force
2003-06-17 Student demonstration against the introduction of student accounts and tuition fees
2003-05-08 For the first time, “Girls’ Day” takes place at JGU, where female students are able to participate in projects in the natural sciences faculties.
2003-04-01 In the Faculty of Medicine, a skills lab was set up during the summer semester, in which medical students can prepare for practice.
2003-04-01 In the summer semester 2003, the first two junior professorships are established and given to Dr. Heike Omerzu (Ev. Theology) and Dr. Peter W. Marx (Theatre Studies)
2002-12-05 Demonstration of 1,000 students in front of the Ministry of Culture
2002-11-13 525th anniversary of the Old Mainz University
2002-09-07 For the first time, the Mainz Science Market takes place on Gutenbergplatz
2002-07-24 Beginning of the first construction phase of the Ophthalmic clinic, Gynecological hospital, and ENT clinic
2002-07-09 JGU is the first university in Germany to set up a hotline for questions about studies and applications
2002-06-24 JGU Honored as “Best Practice University 2002” for its innovative modernization measures
2002-05-17 Senate resolution on the reorganization of the faculties
2002-04 For the first time, JGU offers a welcome event for first-year students
2001-12-03 Handover of office by President Prof. Dr. Josef Reiter to Prof. Dr. Jörg Michaelis
2001-10-26 Inauguration of the Media House on Wallstraße
2001-10-01 In the winter semester 2001/02 the program “Studying at 50plus” starts
2001-01-24 Opening of the PMC Library (today: MINT)
2000-09-20 With the completion of the last section between Duesbergweg and Wittichweg, the ring road surrounding the campus is complete.
2000-04-01 In the summer semester of 2000, the Friends of Mainz University established the Johannes Gutenberg Endowed Professorship. The first holder of the professorship is historian Fritz Stern
2000-01 With the introduction of the “New Control Model,” the green light is given for the modernization of the university administration
2000 The Data Center builds the first WiFi network on campus with 60 dial-in points
1999-07-02  The Centre for Quality Assurance (ZQ) and the Center for Continuing Education (ZWW) are founded as central institutions
1999-05-25 Topping-out ceremony for new building complex of the Ophthalmic clinic, Gynecological hospital, and ENT clinic
1999-05 Campus TV goes on air
1999-01-25 Inauguration of the new chemistry building
1998-09 Inauguration of the Haus Posselmann daycare center on campus
1998-05-16 Reopening of the surgical lecture hall in building 505, destroyed by fire in 1988
1998-05-05 On the initiative of the General Student Committee (AStA), the first job fair takes place on campus
1998-04-01 Dr. Renate Gahn takes up her duties as the Senate’s first representative for women
1998-02-06 The General Student Committee (AStA) Kulturcafé (QKaff) is opened in the basement of the old canteen
1998-01-23 For the first time, JGU awards the Dr. Willy Eberz Medal (named after the first Mainz General Student Committee (AStA) chairman) for extraordinary student commitment
1998-01-01 The University Clinic becomes legally independent and receives a Supervisory Board
1997-11-27 Nationwide strike with participation of Mainz students against poor study conditions
1997-09 First liver transplantation in Mainz by Prof. Dr. Gerd Otto
1997-04-21 Farewell of Chancellor Dieter Vogel-Arnoldi and introduction of his successor Götz Scholz
1996-11-20 Inauguration of the renovated surgery buildings
1996-06-14 Südwestfunk broadcast on the occasion of the university’s 50th anniversary
1995-12-10 Prof. Dr. Paul Crutzen, Honorary Professor at JGU, receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1995-10-25 The University Library’s online catalog (OPAC) goes online
1995-10-09 Inauguration of the University Children’s Clinic
1995-10-01 The new University Act comes into force. Among other things, it provides for the establishment of departmental committees for studies and teaching and strengthens scientific continuing education and the advancement of women.
1995-05-20 The day care center Villa Kunterbunt in the Villa Nees is opened
1995-05-12 Inauguration of Berno-Wischmann-Haus
1994-10-01 After long negotiations with the city, a semester ticket for JGU students will finally be available from the winter semester 1994/95
1994-08-22 First heart transplantation at Mainz University Medical Center
1994-06 Kidney surgery on Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin
1993-12-09 Demonstration against reduction of study time
1993-06-08 The Lindsay Library of the US Air Force is handed over to the University Library. It forms the cornerstone of today’s USA Library
1993-01-20 University-wide day of action against racism, xenophobia, and right-wing radicalism
1992-11-05 Inauguration of the new Law and Economics building (ReWi)
1992-09-25 In the wake of riots against foreigners in Germany, the JGU Senate passes a resolution against xenophobia
1992-06-28 Start of the model project to promote studies and teaching
1992-06-25 Signing of a partnership agreement with the University of Riga
1991-12-18 Opening of the first stage of the university’s fiber-optic network
1991-12-04 Prof. Dr. Josef Reiter takes office as new University President
1991-10-01 The integrated study program Mainz-Dijon is established
1991-10-01 The Archive for African Music (Archiv für die Musik Afrikas, AMA) is founded
1991-05-22 University President Prof. Dr. E. Jürgen Zöllner is sworn in as Rhineland-Palatinate Minister for Science and Further Education
1991-04-10 Opening ceremony of the Institute of Computer Science
1991-04-01 The Autonomous Department for Students with Disabilities at the General Student Committee (AStA) begins its work
1991-02 The JGU Women’s Office (now the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity) begins its work
1991-01 Celebration of the inauguration of the expansion stage of Mainz Microtron MAMI B 2
1991-01-09 Inauguration of the Technical Operations Center (TBZ)
1990-10-08 In view of the precarious student housing situation, the university sets up emergency camps in two sports halls
1990-07-18 Signing of a partnership agreement with the University of Leipzig
1990-04-28 Inauguration of the research and development building of the University Medical Center in Obere Zahlbacher Straße
1990-04-25 For the first time, a Women’s Day takes place at the university, organized by the Interdisciplinary Working Group for Women’s Studies
1990-02-12 Handover of office of Prof. Dr. Klaus Beyermann to the new President Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zöllner
1990-01-30 With Prof. Dr. Dagmar Eißner, the first woman is elected Vice President of JGU
1989-12-18  Opening of the Olympic Training Centre Rhineland-Palatinate in Mainz
1989-12-13 Signing of the partnership agreement between Mainz University and the Moscow School of Foreign Languages
1989-06 Inauguration of the new urology and orthopedics buildings
1989-01-31 The PC Days take place on campus for the first time
1988-12-07 Start of student strike actions and demonstrations against inadequate study conditions
1988-11-23 Signing of the partnership agreement with the University of Warsaw
1988-06-08 House Mainusch is occupied
1988-04 Hunger strike by Iranian students at the Protestant University Chaplaincy (Evangelische Studierendengemeinde, ESG) in protest against the war between Iraq and Iran
1988-03-31 A major fire in the surgical clinic causes damage of 50 million Deutsche Mark
1987-06-04 Visit to the Mainz Microtron by the Bulgarian Chairman of the State Council Todor Zhivkov
1987-04-29 The building of Mainz Microtron (MAMI) is handed over
1987-01-30 First Women’s General Assembly at JGU
1986-11-26 Conclusion of a partnership agreement with the University of Paris III
1986-10-17 During the night, a makeshift bomb explodes at the Institute of Journalism–no one is injured
1986-10-01 The faculties of chemistry and pharmacy merge into one department
1986-06-13 Discussion event on the reactor disaster in Chernobyl
1986-06-10 Inauguration of the extension to the Botanical Garden
1986-04-21 The Senate Commission on Women’s Issues is established
1986-03-10 Opening of the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
1985-12-05 Opening of the Women’s Library established by the autonomous Women’s Department (today: Feminist Library)
1985-11-12 First Dies Academicus
1985-10-16 Inauguration of the new central canteen
1984-11 Foundation of the General Student Committee (AStA) Gay Department (today: Queer Department)
1984-03-01 The Central Student Advisory Service (zentrale Studienberatungsstelle) starts its work
1984-02-14 Handover of office of Prof. Dr. Manfred Harder to the new President Prof. Dr. Klaus Beyermann
1983-10-02 Ordainment of Prof. Dr. Karl Lehmann as Bishop of Mainz, who taught in Mainz from 1968 to 1971
1982-06-26 Celebration of the opening of the major field of study of Poland
1982-04-24 Attack by Khomeini supporters on Iranian students in Inter I
1981-12-14 Private audience of President Harder with Pope John Paul II in Rome. On this occasion, the Pope signed the JGU Golden Book
1981-03-06 Farewell of Chancellor Albert Salm and introduction of his successor Dieter Vogel-Arnoldi
1981-02-23 Partnership agreement with the University of Haifa
1980-11-16 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Mainz
1980-10 Opening of the new main entrance to the campus in Koblenzer Straße
1980-02-14 Handover of office of Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider to Prof. Dr. Manfred Harder
1980-01-22 Partnership agreement with the Universidad Nacional de La Plata
1979-12-19  Prof. Dr. Manfred Harder elected new president of JGU
1979-04-08 Signing of the partnership agreement with the University of Valencia
1978-03-29 The new campus computer is put into operation
1977-08 Closing concert for the 500th anniversary with Leonard Bernstein
1977-06-17 High-ranking visit to Mainz on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the old Mainz University: Minister-President Bernhard Vogel accompanied by Federal President Walter Scheel, French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt
1977-06-08 Conclusion of a partnership agreement with the University of Bogotá
1977-05-26 Inauguration of the University Kindergarten
1977-05-12 Inauguration of the dual gymnasium
1977-05-05 Visit by Senegalese President Leopold Senghor
1977-05 Strike against the Framework Law on Higher Education
1977-03 Visit by a GDR sports delegation
1977-01-10 Hunger strike of Iranian students in the Protestant University Chaplaincy (Evangelische Studierendengemeinde, ESG) against torture in Iran
1976-08 Handover of the Gynecological hospital
1976-06-30 Handover of the student residence Inter II
1976-02 Handover of the new building of the dermatology clinic
1975-12-03 Conclusion of the partnership agreement with the University of Zagreb
1975-11 First Open Day at JGU
1975-09-23 Discharge of the last nuns in the hospital
1974-10-17 Handover of office by President Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider
1974-04-01 The Contact Point for Scientific Continuing Education (today: ZWW) is founded
1974-02-19 Handover of the former “Stadthaus am Pulverturm” to JGU. It will house the Center of Schools for Medical Auxiliary Professions and the Institute for the History, Theory, and Ethics of Medicine.
1974-01-23 Inauguration of the new building for the Faculty of Art Education (today: School of Fine Arts Mainz) at Taubertsberg
1974 Acquisition of the Jahn Library for African Literatures
1973-11 A grocery store opens in the old canteen
1973-10 First German-Soviet meeting of historians in Mainz
1973-05-18 Inauguration of the new pharmacy building
1973-03-28 First meeting of the new university board of trustees
1973-03-01 According to the new University Act, the old faculties will be replaced by twenty-six faculties. The faculties of sports, music, and art will be integrated into JGU from formerly independent institutions
1972-05-29 Roof structure fire in the main building
1972-04 Foundation of the Pain Clinic
1972 Completion of the construction of the central pharmacy and the new canteen kitchen
1971-03-12 The canteen extension is put into operation
1971 In protest against the rejected appointment of theologian Luise Schottroff, students occupy the dean’s office of the Faculty of Protestant Theology
1971-01-05 Occupation of the Institute of Journalism
1970-12-22 The new Higher Education Act is adopted
1970-12-02 Iranian students enter a hunger strike, to protest the arrest of a fellow student in Iran
1970-07-01 For the first time, a university sports day takes place
1970-06-23 Start of the lecture strike on campus against the draft of the Higher Education Act
1970-06-18 Protest march of the students of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Interpreting in Germersheim to the Mainz Ministry of Culture because of unacceptable study conditions
1970-05-11 About 200 students protest against the war in Vietnam and Cambodia
1970-02 Strike by 300 clinic assistants
1970-01-16 Public session of the Senate of Johannes Gutenberg University in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament
1969-11-12  Visit to the canteen by Minister-President Helmut Kohl and Minister of Culture Bernhard Vogel
1969-11-06 Warning strike by students against admission restrictions
1969-07-24 First dialysis in Mainz
1969-06-30 Warning strike of chemistry students against poor study conditions
1969-01-11 At the nobis Press Ball, there was an alleged case of public sexual intercourse. The student newspaper was thereupon forced to cease publication.
1968-11-14 Inauguration of the new building of the Clinic for Dental, Oral, and Maxillofacial Diseases
1968-11-06 General Assembly of all university members as a substitute for the cancelled ceremonial handover of the rectorate
1968-08 Relocation of the different institutes of the Faculty of Philosophy to the new Philosophicum. In the winter semester, the Faculty of Natural Sciences also moves into its new building
1968-05-27 Strike action and blockade of the main entrance as a protest against the emergency laws
1968-05-22 Students go on hunger strike at the Protestant University Chaplaincy (Evangelische Studierendengemeinde, ESG) in Mainz in protest against emergency laws
1968-05-07 Opening of the controversial exhibition “Works of Old Masters from Private Collections” at the University
1968-04-18 General Student Committee (AStA) event on the Dutschke assassination and cancellation of all lectures
1968-04-12 Disruption of the Good Friday service in the Christuskirche by SDS representatives
1968-01-16 During a lecture at the university, Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Bernhard Vogel is pelted with a slipper
1968-01-15 Opening of an exhibition by the SDS on the Nazi past of Heinrich Lübke and Kurt Georg Kiesinger
1967-10-05 Establishment of the Data Center
1967-08-31 After more than twenty years at the helm of the university administration, JGU’s first chancellor, Fritz Eichholz, leaves office
1967-07-20 Return of the kidnapped Korean pediatrician Sukil Lee after intervention of the Mainz city council and the state government
1967-07-11 Inauguration of the new building of the Institute of Medical Statistics and Documentation
1967-07-01 The counselling center for student life issues (today: Psychotherapeutic Counselling Center) is set up
1967-06-07 Silent march of about 2,000 students and professors after the death of Benno Ohnesorg, two days later all lectures are cancelled on the occasion of his funeral
1967-04-18 Inauguration of the aftercare clinic
1967-04-03 Inauguration of the Triga Mark II nuclear reactor by Otto Hahn and Minister of Culture Eduard Orth
1967-03-03 Commissioning of the electron linear accelerator at the Institute of Nuclear Physics
1966-11-30 Silent march of Mainz students against the grand coalition
1966-11-17 Inauguration of the International Student Residence Inter I
1966-04-28 Arrival of the first Korean nurses on the initiative of Dr. Lee and Prof. Rörig
1966-03-11 The Institute of Journalism is founded
1965-08-03 The TRIGA Mark II nuclear reactor is started up
1965-05-20 The first pediatric intensive care unit in Germany is opened at Mainz University
1965-03-15 Conference of the Association of German Student Bodies (Verband deutscher Studentenschaften, VDS) in Mainz with a speech by Bundestag President Eugen Gerstenmaier
1964-07-27 Inauguration of the Bürgerbrunnen (Citizen’s Fountain) at the Forum, a donation from Hakle founder Hans Klenk
1964-07-09 A Student Delegation from Kiev visits JGU
1964-06-01 Inauguration of the University Library
1963-10-01 Ceremonial handover of the rectorate at the Staatstheater
1963-03-29 The Institute of Medical Statistics and Documentation is founded
1963-01-09 The new University Advisory Board is set up. It is intended to stimulate the exchange of ideas between the university and the public.
1962-05 Mainz University Week as part of the 2000th anniversary of the city of Mainz
1961-09-09 Arrest of nobis employee Jörg Bilke in the GDR and sentencing to three and a half years in prison
1961-08-08 The 100th issue of the student newspaper nobis is published
1961-07-18 Inauguration of the House of Law and Economics
1961-03-06 Adoption of the State Law on the Constitution and Administration of Johannes Gutenberg University
1960-11-18 Foundation of the Institute for Cusanus Research
1960-05-13 Foundation of the Institute for Regional History under the direction of Ludwig Petry
1960-05-03 Ceremonial opening of the new building of the Institute of Art History
1959-12-02  Visit by Federal President Heinrich Lübke
1959-11-27 Sale of the municipal hospital to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate
1959-09-09 Founding meeting of the University Sports Club (USC) Mainz
1958-11-18 Honorary doctorate of the Indian Vice President Prof. Dr. Radhakrishnan
1958-04-24 Inauguration of the University Stadium (Fair Play Arena)
1958-01-25 Inauguration of the new building of the Institute of X-ray and Radiation
1957-12 Students go on a shaving strike, to achieve the anchoring of student self-administration in the new university law
1957-07-01 The funding of students according to the Honnefer model (the predecessor of BaFöG) begins
1956-12-10 The Mainz Honorary Professor Werner Forßmann receives the Nobel Prize for Medicine
1956-07-09 Handover of the new MPI buildings, with Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner in attendance
1956-05-15 The University Archives are founded
1956-05-09 10th anniversary celebration of the university in the auditorium
1956-02-22 Inauguration of the ENT Clinic and the Ophthalmic Clinic
1956-01-28 The 34th West German Rectors’ Conference takes place in Mainz
1955-04-06 Foundation of the Institute for Physical Education
1955-04-01 The Institute for Gemstone Research in Idar-Oberstein joins the university as an external institute
1954-12-03 The Senate passes the decision to ban the wearing of colors on campus, which is still valid today.
1954-07-23 The Senate decides to name the streets on campus after professors of the old Mainz University
1954-05-14 Establishment of the Transfusion Center in the University Women’s Clinic under the direction of Anny Arndt-Hanser
1953-11-01 The first students move into the new dormitory “Mainzer Kolleg”
1953-10-01 The Institute of Physics II is founded. Leadership is taken over by Prof. Rudolf Kollath
1953-05-27 Establishment of an academic career and study advisory service
1953-05 Visit by European politician Robert Schuman
1953-01-17 Inauguration of the Domus Universitatis by Federal President Theodor Heuss
1952-10 Prof. Emil Mühlmann presents a report on the causes of JGU’s drastic decline in student numbers
1952-04-12 Constituent session of the first student parliament, at which Helmut Neuss is elected as the first president
1952-02 The “Ball of Nations,” organized by the General Student Committee (AStA), takes place for the first time
1951-12 Eavesdropping affair” surrounding Chancellor Fritz Eichholz
1951-06-14 The Institute of Human Phylogeny under the direction of Prof. Frédéric Falkenburger is founded
1951-05-24 Inauguration of the Newman House of the Catholic University Community
1951-05-22 5th anniversary celebration of the University
1950-09-21 Foundation of the Mainzer Studentenwerk e.V.
1950-06-02 Signing of the contract for the economic management of the University Clinics by the university
1950-05-10 The Gutenberg bust is erected on the Forum
1950-04-21 Speech by Federal Chancellor Adenauer at the end of the conference of the Association of German Student Bodies (Verband Deutscher Studentenschaften, VDS) at JGU
1950-03-29 The Council of Ministers decides to establish the Institute of European History
1950-02-20 Students participate with a carriage in the first Mainz Shrove Monday procession after the war
1950-02-15 Foundation of the International Delphic Institute for the Care and Performance of Ancient Drama by Prof. Wilhelm Leyhausen
1950-01-13 French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman visits the university
1949-11-14  Beginning of Studium Generale
1949-11-10 The State Interpreter’s College in Germersheim becomes affiliated with the university
1949-10-01 In the winter semester 1949/50, compulsory student labor is abolished
1949-09-10 The university receives new statutes
1949-07-03 The Max Planck Institute moves from Tailfingen to the campus of Mainz University
1949-06-13 Establishment of an International Office. Leadership is taken over by Prof. Helmuth Scheel
1949-05-21 Opening of the new Dental Clinic building on campus
1949-02-18 Inauguration of the Pharmaceutical Institute
1948-12-14 Opening of the academic preparatory course, the forerunner of the Studium Generale
1948-12-03 Opening of the Institute of Physics
1948-09-04 Handover of the new rector’s chain by the abbot of Maria Laach
1948-05-14 Foundation of the Institute for Gemstone Research in Idar-Oberstein
1947-11-14 Foundation of the Association of Friends of Mainz University
1947-10-13 Prof. Josef Schmid is suspended from the office of rector; Election of Prof. August Reatz as new Rector
1947-08 First International Summer Course at the University
1947-05-22 Celebration of the university’s first anniversary with the awarding of the first honorary senatorial titles to Minister-President Wilhelm Boden and Minister of the Interior Jakob Steffan and the first honorary doctorates to Bishop Albert Stohr, District President Otto Eichenlaub, Lord Mayor Emil Kraus, Rector Josef Schmid, and Prof. August Reatz
1947-03-25 First General Student Committee (AStA) election
1947-01-11 Foundation of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Interpreting in Germersheim
1946-11-21 Short-term arrest of Rector Schmid by the French officer Fournier
1946-11-18 The Faculty of Medicine starts lectures
1946-11-15 The University Clinic is opened in the Municipal Hospital
1946-11 General Kœnig visits the university
1946-10-15 150 working hours per semester for the reconstruction of the university buildings becomes mandatory for each student
1946-05-23 Start of lectures
1946-05-22 Ceremonial reopening of Mainz University
1946-05-15 Appointment of the first provisional deans Leo Just, Wilhelm Troll, August Reatz,Wilhelm Jannasch, and Erich Berneker
1946-05-14 The City Council decides to establish the Gutenberg Chair and the Gutenberg Scholarship
1946-04-02 The name “Johannes Gutenberg University” is approved
1946-03-01 With Ordinance No. 44, the university is authorized to commence its activities; Prof. Josef Schmid is appointed Rector
1946-02-27 The Statutes of Mainz University are announced
1946-02-26 By decree of the military government, land and buildings as well as the university fund are transferred to the university administration
1946-01-15 Start of restoration and new construction work under architect Hans Ueter
1946-01-07 The founding of Mainz University is officially announced to the German authorities
1945-12-19 Message from Governor Jean Claude Bouley on the choice of Mainz as the seat of the first university of Rhineland-Palatinate
1945-12-07 Establishment of a university committee, to which, among others, Emil Kraus, August Reatz, Michel Oppenheim, and Christian Eckert belong
1945-10-16 Charles de Gaulle visits Mainz and pledges support for the founding of the university
1945-09-06 Lord Mayor Kraus visits the Flakkaserne as premises of a future university
1945-08 Meeting by Lord Mayor Emil Kraus with Prof. August Reatz, and others, on the founding of a university in Mainz
1945-07-09 Handover of Mainz to French occupying troops